Who Are Big Sky Herbals?

Serving Montana since 2011

Big Sky Herbals & Edibles is a woman owned business serving Montana cannabis patients since 2011. We work with cancer survivors, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) patients and everyone in between to find the most effective treatments using the natural remedies found in the herb Cannabis.

Linda and Lori Owners of Big Sky Herbals and Edibles

Lori excels as the store manager and bud tender. With her gregarious personality and willingness to listen she works closely with each patient to better understand their needs. By offering 16 different varieties of flower the inventory encompasses the gamut of healing properties. She can direct patients to a particular strain with her detailed understanding of terpenes and how they can assist a patient in choosing a strain. With such a variety of flower we also are able to offer a huge variety of products from concentrates like Diamond & Shatter to our Edible selections to healing salves and tinctures.

Linda works hard making sure the cultivation of each strain we offer is done in the cleanest, most eco-friendly and organic way possible. Her time is dedicated to ensuring each strain is tended personally with their own idiosyncratic tendencies addressed and appreciated.  From testing the water seasonally to only hand spraying with organic food-safe oils our flowers flourish from babies to harvest. We love our flowers and refuse to use practices found elsewhere that can impact the final products. Our products have been tested since early 2018 and have NEVER failed.