16 Different
Flower Strains

Big Sky Herbals & Edibles is proud to offer 16 different strains of flower to our clients. We pride ourselves on choosing strains that have various THC and CBD levels as well as a variety of terepenes that are indicative of their healing properties.

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Afghan Indica Cannabis Flower

Phenomenal service, phenomenal bud. 
Lori is the friendliest and most caring provider I’ve ever had.

~ C. Gorden


We are excited to be able to offer our clients a variety of concentrates. Vape Tips, Diamond, Shatter and Dabs are a few of the concentrates we currently provide. We are always looking to improve our products so if you know of something we don’t currently offer just ask – we’re always open to trying new items.

Our vape tips are extracted with a closed C02 extraction system for the cleanest flavors available. In all C02 extractions we choose to retain our terepene properties for the most medicinal value to our clients.

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Half of our name is Edibles and we are constantly striving to improve the types of items we offer. Over the years we have found our coffee blends and chai teas are the most popular.

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Big Sky Herbals and Edibles is committed to transparency with all our products. This is the gallery provided by our testing lab with results from all our samples. You will find the most recent tests results at the top of the list.