Hybrid Strain Information

Marijuana strains are either pure breeds or hybrid varieties of cannabis. Strains are developed to highlight specific combinations of properties of the plant to create a desired effect. This is especially helpful when a patient has a medical preference for certain cannabinoid content, such as low THC content or high CBD content.

Adding sativa to an indica strain will help decrease sedation and add mental clarity.

Adding indica to a sativa will decrease stimulation and can reduce anxiety.

The main advantage of hybrids is the ability to customize and to choose between a wide variety of strains for various effects on the body.

Hybrid Strains

Sour Blueberry

Maui (Maui Wowie/Maui Waui)
Since the 1960’s, “Maui Wowie” (or “Waui”) was known as an especially exotic and desirable strain to cannabis connoisseurs the world over. While it’s unclear if the original genetic line is still alive and kicking, there are certainly many strains from Maui that are similar and capture the same smooth, citrus-pine taste and the enjoyable mid-level Sativa effects that it became famous for. As far as the dispensary scene goes, it seems that Maui Wowie and “Maui” operate interchangeably for the most part, with some plain “Maui” being distinguished from the Wowie by a more Indica growth profile and effect (at times this is called Hawaiian Indica as well). Maui strains are heavily Sativa in growth pattern, but the effect is generally mellow and clear-headed.