Marijuana infused products, commonly referred to as edibles, provide another option to patients who cannot, or choose not to smoke their cannabis. Edibles come in many different varieties including peanut butter cups, caramels, chai tea, coffee frappuccino, white chocolate mocha fraps, mocha fraps, and more.

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~ C.F. Ravalli, County patient

Cannabis consumed orally enters the blood stream after being digested or broken down in the stomach and is absorbed in the intestines. Eating infused products is a healthier alternative to inhaling cannabis smoke because there is no exposure to carbon, tar, carcinogens, etc…

First-time medical marijuana patients typically start with a low dose of 10-15mg active cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.). However, only you can determine what dosage works best for you. This often requires experimenting with different levels of potency & a variety of edibles. It’s going to be a learning process through trial and error. Please contact us if you have any questions about our products or visit our overview page to view our potency and test results.


Baked Bites - Chocolate$16/pkg of 4In Stock
Baked Bites - Caramel Turtles$13/pkg of 2In Stock
Baked Bites - Brownie$12/pkg of 3In Stock
Baked Bites - Caramels (each)$5 eachOut of Stock
Baked Bites - Gooey, Chewy Granola$13/pkg of 2In Stock
Baked Bites - Peanut Butter Cups$16/pkg of 3Out of Stock
Baked Bites - Chocolate Chip Cookies$10/pkg of 2Out of Stock
Big Sky Coffee Blend - Coffee$20/12ozOut of Stock
Big Sky Coffee Blend - Mocha$20/12ozOut of Stock
Big Sky Coffee Blend - Vanilla$20/12ozOut of Stock
Big Sky Coffee Blend - White Choc Mocha$20/12ozOut of Stock
Big Sky Chai Blend$20/12ozOut of Stock
Lollipop (flavor cherry, strawberry)$10/eachOut of Stock
Hard Candy (flavor Cherry)$10/pack of 5Out of Stock
Big Sky Blended Butter$30 (1/2cup)In Stock
Big Sky Coconut Oil Discs - 4/1 TBSP discs$12/4 PackIn Stock