Patient Information

Patient Information

New Patients

For new patients, simply call one, or all of the clinics below to find out when they have a clinic near you and an appointment available. These spots will be filling up fast for the foreseeable future, so it is best to make an appointment now, because you may still be waiting a month or more to get into a clinic. Clinic appointments generally cost between $150-$200.

The clinic will let you know if you qualify, what medical records are needed, deposit info, location, time, etc. Please refer any of these questions to them.

Once you get the paperwork from the clinic you need to have a provider/dispensary fill out their part before you can send it to the Montana Department of Health & Human Services (MT DPHHS) for processing. The processing fee to the MT DPHHS is $5.

Stop by Big Sky Herbals and Edibles during our business hours (M-F 11-7 & Sat 10-2) with your check or money order and we will fill out our portion and send in the paperwork to the MT DPHHS, we’ll even remind you when it’s time to renew.

Renewal Patients

Each patient is required to renew his or her medical marijuana card each year. To avoid any lapses in “active cardholder” status, Big Sky Herbals and Edibles recommends scheduling your renewal at least 5-6 weeks before your card is set to expire. We also highly recommend visiting the same clinic and meeting with the same doctor, if possible. All of the clinics that we work with retain copies of your medical records for future reference, and establishing an open and honest relationship with your recommending physician can be very beneficial.

We take pride in helping each patient individually so if you need assistance in getting your Montana Medical Marijuana Card, or have any questions regarding the process, we’re here to help.

Here are some of the doctors we have been working with over the years:

  • Alternative Wellness
    Book Online at
    Contact Tara – 406-249-1304
  • Caduceus Medical Partners
    To view upcoming dates –
    Contact Tammy – 406-696-0409
  • Western Path Healing Center – Contact Karen at 406-616-3627
  • River City Whole Health – Contact Debbie 406-214-2040


For more information here are a few links to the MT DPHHS site:

MT Medical Cannabis Program

Forms and Application Requirements