Marijuana Extract Information

A marijuana extract is any oil that concentrates the plant’s chemical compounds such as THC and CDB through a variety of extraction processes. These extraction processes involve solvents such as butane, hexane, isopropyl alcohol, and ethanol to retain certain cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. The end product results in a highly potent oil of varying consistencies that allow users to choose their preferred method of medicating.


Before cannabis was banned in 1937, tinctures were the primary type of cannabis medicine. Tinctures are usually alcohol or ethanol extractions of the whole cannabis plant and contain all 80 of the essential cannabinoids. The extraction secures cannabinoids while leaving out as many of the terpenes and chlorophylls as possible. Depending on the tincture, the CBD (cannibidiol) content can actually decrease the psychoactive effects of THC. The dosage is controlled by a measured dropper that Is typically administered under the tongue. This is helpful for younger children that require certain cannabinoids but don’t want the cerebral effects of THC.

Many patients use tinctures as alternatives to smoking, however, when done this way, it’s absorbed differently. When smoking, cannabinoids are absorbed in the lungs within seconds. Tinctures are designed to address the problems of rapid medicine delivery and consistent dosing. Absorption by the arterial blood supply under the tongue is completed in seconds. If patients want the medicine to be absorbed into the GI tract, they can add it to tea or juice for easy delivery without the strong taste of the particular solvent – absorption is slower with this method.


Shatter is made from an extraction process that is achieved with the use of expert purging of the butane and cannabis solution. It’s a clear, smooth, and solid product that is pure and potent because the extraction process removes fats, lipids, and waxes. However, this means that terpenes are lost in the process. The process results in a product that can contain over 80% THC content.


Budder has a waxy whipped consistency and has a THC concentration in the 70% range. Because the process allows more terpenes to be retained, it has more flavor, but is less potent than shatter.


Oils are result of a resin solvent extraction process that has an end result that’s dark and sticky. The oil is consumed by ingestion, vaporization or smoking.